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Meet the Instructors

Henry Joyner, Instructor/Examiner

Henry Joyner told his mom he was working after school at a peanut factory; instead, he was taking flying lessons at the age of 16.  From then on, aviation remained on the horizon.  Henry's career in aviation has taken him from cropdusting fields in NC to flying a Citation along the mid-Atlantic.  In 1976, Henry founded Tri-Air Inc., which has provided landplane flight instruction and rental to the surrounding area.  In 1989, Henry became a F.A.A. Designated Examiner and has licensed thousands of pilots.  Henry purchased the PA-12 seaplane in 2000 and decided that the airplane needed to go to work; thus Chowan River Rats was born.  Since then, Henry has licensed over 150 seaplane pilots. 


David Joyner, Instructor

David started logging time when he was just six years old.  Learning to fly from his dad, David came up through the ranks and now holds an Airline Transport Certificate.  David started flight instructing on seaplanes when he was 19.  After graduating from NC State in 2007 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, David decided to fly a summer season in Alaska.  Upon returning from "Up North," David was hired by Million Air Richmond, where he flies a Citation II and Learjet full-time.    












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